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Sunday, July 29, 2012

SSS: Those Talking Rhinos

Suzanne and Jake on a good day.
This Sunday, I'd like to draw attention to a story I wrote in January of 2011 and haven't been able to publish yet. I would really like people to be able to read this story. Cross your fingers that someone who publishes stories "gets" it soon!

The excerpt is from "Not Extinct Yet." Human researchers Suzanne and Derek are talking with their favorite crash of rhinos about new approaches to the poaching problem. Sasha is the matriarch white rhino and Jake is her young son.

* * * 

“It’s an education program you need,” said Derek.
“Precisely,” agreed Sasha. “Let the consumers know that the product they pay so much for has no real value.”
“Oh!” said Suzanne in the throes of a forming idea. “We need to let them know that rhino horns have no more medicinal value than…”
“Than chewing your own fingernails!” finished Jake. 

* * *

One of the journals I submitted to made the strange assumption that the talking rhinos were stand-ins for some human issue. I'm not trying to be metaphorical, I swear! I gave that up years ago! The rhinos represent rhinos. I wanted to give them a voice, and as an author, it was easy enough to do.

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