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Sunday, July 15, 2012

SSS: Medieval Sleeping Derangements

Last week, a few of you wondered why Lambra woke up so hot in the middle of the night. Although it's September and the weather is moving into autumn, and the fire has gone out, she's just had a disturbing dream about her nephew-in-law Gonzalo with a bizarrely erotic element that I have not included in any snippets because I'd hate to give the wrong impression on my blog. Those tidbits (turn-ons? turn-offs?) are for the readers of the complete book, whenever it comes out.

This snippet from Chapter Six of The Seven Noble Knights of Lara comes right after last week's. I hope you enjoy!

* * * 

They were trying not to wake anyone, but Lambra could tell that the muffled sound was coming from her side of the hall. She turned onto her stomach and faced the spot where she knew the vassal and his wife slept.
“Ermenegildo Antolínez,” Lambra called out into the marred silence. “Someone is on the wrong side of the hall.”
Sounds of shuffling arose from multiple corners as sleepers woke, the couple abruptly stopped their sensuous movements, and Ermenegildo Antolínez fumbled in the dark to light a beeswax candle. In the slow-growing amber flare, Lambra witnessed a bulk scurrying to collapse toward the floor and Gonzalo’s, definitely Gonzalo’s, chest heaving amidst the steady line of his brothers’ even breathing.

* * *

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