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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample: Rhinos!

September 22 is World Rhino Day, so I thought I would provide you a sample from the story collection I've put together in honor of that.

None of the stories have explicit material, though the real-life situation of rhinos is certainly disturbing.

The first story, a fun, surreal love story, was recently made available again in Jake's Monthly (read about it here). This excerpt is the opening from my beloved alternate reality piece, "Not Extinct Yet," published in this collection for the first time anywhere.

* * * 

Suzanne came into the kitchen dressed for work in a sensible suit. With bitten-down fingernails, she had affixed a pin showing the two-horned face of an African rhinoceros, surrounded by a heart, to her lapel. “Hey,” said her husband Derek, rustling his daily news at the table. “The British are at it again.”
Suzanne sighed. “Always with the sheep.”
“Yep. Apparently, there’s a law for debate in Parliament this time.”
“Not legalization?”
“Marriage between human and ovine may soon be a reality! Get this.” He started to read aloud. “An anonymous source recounted his personal experience. ‘Miranda was out in the moor grazing with the rest of the flock when I looked deep into her eyes. It was love. We fell to talking and we’ve never been apart since.’ The Miranda in question gave no comment.”
“Call me traditional, but there’s something not quite right about that,” said Suzanne as she buttered some toast.
“Sure, she can talk, but does this guy let her? No. It’s the same old story. Control, control, control.” Derek crumpled the paper and took his plate to the sink.
Suzanne kissed her husband. “All right, off to the university’s salt mines with you.”
“You know he made up that name. Who ever heard of a sheep who called herself Miranda?”

* * *

This collection is now available at Amazon and Smashwords. It's my first Smashwords title, but I think it formatted well. Let me know if not! And yes, it has two different covers. This one with the sleeping rhino won the votes on Facebook, but I liked the other one too much not to use it.

Thanks for stopping by! I plan to celebrate World Rhino Day by writing more about this story, its inspiration and intent. For now, enjoy more Sweet Saturday Samples!