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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Historical Blog Hop Begins!

Welcome to the signups for The Backward in Time Blog Hop, or Ten Sentences for Twenty Centuries -- official title to be determined.

The idea is that writers of historical fiction, whether published and famous or working on their first books, can share ten sentences of their work with other authors and hopefully, with readers, who have the same interests.

The basics:

• Historical fiction is defined here as any story that takes place at least fifty years before the author was born. I'm partial to the Middle Ages, but won't discriminate against anyone for going back farther than that.

• The excerpts can come from any of the author's work, whether published or just written yesterday and in need of editing.

• The excerpts must be ten sentences long, no more and no less. You may add a blurb or contextual information.

• The blog post with the excerpt should go live by 9 am EST or EDT (depending on the time of year).

• Signups will begin on Thursday mornings and close on the following Saturday afternoon at 5 pm EST. Our first hop will take place this Sunday, February 3.

• Participants are strongly encouraged to visit the blogs of as many of the other participants as possible and to leave encouraging comments. Each blog administrator will be responsible for activating comments and monitoring their appropriateness. Please also link back to this blog so hoppers can easily access all the links without you having to list them.

• Signups are open! Use the Linky tool below! See you on Sunday!

I haven't decided whether this will be weekly or monthly. It all depends on how much people enjoy it! I hope you all do! Any questions, just ask!