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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The First Historical Fiction Blog Hop!

It's a historical hop, so here's a medieval rabbit.
The basic rules for participation in this new hop are in the previous post.

A million thanks to all the participants for joining and a billion thanks to all the readers who come here looking to discover new historical fiction authors. Feel free to comment on each post! Share the love! The six exclusive, excellent excerpts for our first Backward in Time Hop are at the following links:

Kathleen Rollins - Misfits and Heroes

Reading, Writing and No Arithmetic

Stephanie Renee Dos Santos

In a Milk and Honeyed Land

Kim Rendfeld - Outtakes

Jenna Jaxon ~ Historical Romance

The success of a blog hop like this can be quantified in three ways I think are equally important: how many new blog hits the participants receive, how many and how valuable the comments they receive, and how much they enjoy it. Please let me know if you enjoy this hop and would like to see more in the future! And I welcome suggestions and ideas, too!

UPDATE: I've now visited all the links and can certify that all the excerpts are fantastic! I'm so excited to share them with you!


  1. Where are your 10 sentences, Jessica?

    1. Good question, Jenna! I thought I'd stick to hosting this time. Since it seems to be going so well, I'll have to think about how to keep going...