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Monday, February 4, 2013

For the First Time in English

Now available for the first time in English

No Turning Back by Lidia Falcón
Originally Camino sin retorno, translated by Jessica Knauss, PhD

The harrowing saga of the Spanish transition to democracy from the pen of Spain’s leading feminist.

Critical praise:
·      “Falcón has an extraordinary ability to seamlessly merge her different roles as novelist, feminist, social historian, and courageous iconoclast. No Turning Back … demonstrates in moving and complex fashion the odyssey her female protagonists traverse as they come to terms with patriarchy and its reach into hidden corners of leftist ideology.” – Linda Gould Levine
·      No Turning Back is one of Falcón’s best works of fiction, and the most novelistic, multidimensional, and stylistically sophisticated.” – Gloria F. Waldman
·      “It could be a simple realist novel, but its originality lies in the examination of relationships between men and women, and between women, during some crucial years in the history of Spain.” – Juana Castro
·      “Lidia Falcón is not only an intelligent novelist, but also a tenacious fighter for the best causes, keeping record of injustice and evil with all her authority as victim and eyewitness.” – Jorge Luis Sampedro

Lidia Falcón has long been the face of feminism in Spain. Her multiple publications, awards, and honorary degrees barely touch the surface of her commitment to improving life for women. She lived through many of the experiences in this book, giving it an authenticity that demands to be heard.

Jessica Knauss, PhD, graduated from the University of Iowa with an MFA in literary translation. She is available in Illinois to give readings or talks about No Turning Back or translation, and would be happy to participate in guest posts or interviews.

No Turning Back is an excellent introduction to late twentieth-century politics for courses in women’s studies, Spanish history, comparative literature and the politics of resistance.

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