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Sunday, December 18, 2011

SSS: A Disastrous Marriage

This week, I'm presenting the first six sentences from my now freshly published ode to love, "A Disastrous Marriage." You may remember when I was terribly worried I would never find a publisher for it. I'm sure some of that karma helped speed the piece along. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your comments so very much.

* * *

It rained so hard, the wicker baskets were overflowing. Water poured through the ceiling, carrying nails, unrecognizable timbers, and sloppy pink insulation. It was a relief to go outside.
“This isn’t as bad as the time our house burned down in the middle of Death Valley,” said Herbert, standing under the useless awning.
“Why?” I shouted, skeptically, through the pounding roar. 

* * *

You can read the whole thing here! The story of the origin of this piece is here.

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