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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Tucson Festival of Books

What an exhausting and wonderful weekend it was! Perhaps you saw some of the proceedings on C-SPAN's Book TV this weekend? While those sessions are always informative and often fascinating, they don't really give a good idea of the festival as a whole.

I volunteered as an author escort on Saturday and helped out at the Fireship booth on Sunday. In the first capacity, I got to meet Bonnie Marson, enchanting author of a book soon to come out as a movie, Sleeping with Schubert. I sold a few books of my own at  the Fireship booth, and had a starstruck moment with author Lydia Millet, whose most recent book is Ghost Lights and who, it turns out, lives locally. Who knew!?

I hope to say much more about this, the greatest event in all of Arizona, by Friday. Work has really piled up for me, so wish me luck.

I gave out these cards at the festival. What do you think?
Front side
Back side