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Friday, March 9, 2012

Don't Miss This from Spain and a Special Thanks to Lexcade

This week I got a notice in my email about a new book. This happens with increasing frequency as my blog gets more traffic, but this time I took notice because the book is by two Spanish writers and hasn't quite been translated into English yet. Called La estrella (The Star), it's the biggest and best YA book from Spain in 2011. Take a look at the website and trailer and read the first chapter (in a kind of stilted English) here. It looks like the Spanish Hunger Games -- not to say that it isn't original in itself and well deserving of a good translation. If you feel motivated, petition to expedite the English translation right there on the website.

Secondly but no less important, Lexcade awarded me a Liebster award on March 6. Check her out here. I'm flattered that she thinks I deserve some love, but I do feel the need to specify that I am not a romance writer. (If I were, I might get a lot more love in the form of sales, but that's just a guess!) I write medieval historical fiction that takes love and romance as a plot point just the same as the rest of human experience, but I definitely have no special affinity or specialty in the romance arena. Real life is another matter entirely. ;) I also write literary fiction, tending toward magical realism, a genre that confuses most people. I hope to soon have a moment to describe, in a simple and memorable way, exactly what I mean by it.


This weekend is the biggest of the year for Arizona book lovers! The Tucson Festival of Books is here!