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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Carolina Writers' Networking Luncheon

On Sunday, my husband and I drove for two and half hours to a spot in North Carolina that only took my Loose Leaves colleague Jan an hour and half to get to from South Carolina (why does that happen every time?). There, we met a large percentage of active writers and editors in the Carolinas at the Carolina Writers' Networking Luncheon, which was put on by editor and author of Don't Sabotage Your Submission, Chris Roerdon.

Here's the always necessary book table. The Boxcar Grill didn't anticipate so many wonderful offerings, and many authors sat with their books all afternoon, which was a more personal experience. Notice the Loose Leave mini-catalogue flier standing up at left.

Loads of networking and good fun took place before and after a delicious lunch in the cramped quarters.

Chris Roerdon ends the afternoon with acknowledgments. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I left with the feeling that I'm not alone as a writer in the South. We're everywhere! The gentleman on the right is editor and proprietor of Pisgah Press, A. D. Reed.

And a moment of glamour. We have to mark whenever the disparate members of Loose Leaves manage to occupy the same space. They used a swamp cooler at the restaurant, so my hair is frizzing out, so it's just as well the picture is blurry!

I hope all the attendees found this luncheon as interesting as I did! I love a chance to get out and mix with other writers and editors!