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Monday, January 4, 2016

Javan Rhinos for the New Year

Welcome to the fourth story in the Five Species Forever series, about the Javan rhino. Have a listen. It's a fictional world of wonder in just over three minutes. You gotta love flash fiction.

In the nonfiction world, there are no Javan rhinos in captivity and no breeding programs underway. There are only about 40 Javan rhinos on the planet, all living on the volcano- and palm-oil-threatened Ujung Kulon Peninsula. They are rarely sighted, but photos show them to be the smaller, even more adorable cousins of the Indian rhino. They're the best rhino swimmers and spend a lot of time sloshing around in the jungle waters.

"The Last Ultrasound" was first published in Linguistic Erosion in 2014.

It's available, with other stories, a few with more rhinos, in the "delightfully off the beaten track" Unpredictable Worlds: StoriesKindle • iBooks • Nook • Kobo • Smashwords• Inktera • Blio • Softcover • Softcover Indiebound • Softcover Amazon • Softcover Barnes and Noble  • Request it your local library or book store!

Happy New Year!