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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Third Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks so much to everyone who's visited my other Six Sentence Sunday posts, and especially you spunky commentators! It's been incredibly inspiring. Readers, find the other participants here.

In honor of the imminent meeting of the St. Helens Secret Society of Literary Divas (Book Club), this excerpt comes from my Tree/House, page 95 of the print edition.  Here, Emma, the protagonist, is dreaming she's on top of a rocky cliff on which hundreds of putrefying bodies are waiting to die. She herself has rotted to the point of missing her right arm and both legs. It's a positive image, really!

                         * * *

He replied before she asked, "To die, you must lie perfectly still, but it's hard. I've been trying for years."

"But Emma, why do you want to die?" asked a young woman in the earliest stages of putrefaction. "You have so much going for you."

Emma wondered what she had that they didn't. Most of them still had all their limbs at least.

                        * * *

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