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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sail To Italy Excerpt Trailer and Release Date Info

For your viewing pleasure, a trailer/excerpt from Sail To Italy. This conversation takes place in the first chapter, when Princess Noreena is desperate to find the man she thinks killed her father, Giovanni Redicci. Lucky Pirate Pierre is there to help her... for a price. The excerpt should give a sense of how silly and fun this thing is going to be. Watch below or here. Noreena really should be younger and have black hair, and Pierre should be a bit more piratey, but these were the best stand-ins the Lego actor's guild could provide.

You can finally see for yourself how silly it all is on April 18. Sail To Italy will become available that day, just in time for Easter presents. It will cost only 99 cents (they won't let me make it any cheaper). And then the news gets even better! Sail To Italy has an even more exciting and more romantic sequel, Sail From Italy, in which all the main characters get to take a (not terribly glamourous) trip to Spain. Sail From Italy will be available April 19, and again, cost only 99 cents. You never had such inexpensive fun.

The grand finale release will be a combined Sail To Italy and Sail From Italy, April 20, for the low price of only $1.49, so if you can wait, this is your bargain option. Two epic adventures for happy, carefree reading, all for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Too generous? Perhaps. It's all because I love my readers.

Here's the cover of Sail From Italy, for your preview pleasure.