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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 4

I may have made a mistake with my last six sentences, unintentionally grossing everyone out with some of the scariest imagery in the entire book. I recently decided the rotting corpse dream is the central image of the book, but in my interpretation, it represents Emma getting ready to leave her dull, dead past behind and start to really live -- to experience rebirth, in a way. I've decided to try to redeem Tree/House this week and start at the beginning. Nothing comes before these six sentences, although you'll notice the theme of death already! Someone should write at least a term paper on this...

                    * * *

The funeral procession Emma had always imagined involved slow pallbearers winding through narrow streets, drizzle, and many women in black cloaks choking back their grief.  She had planned in great detail the way Franklin’s cedar coffin would slide into the ground and the way the moist earth would sound as it fell on top. She would carry white lilies and her grandmother would be there to support her should she faint. Maybe she would carry smelling salts. After that, her plans ended abruptly because what does one do after a funeral, after all.

         The true funeral had involved only Franklin’s mother, the servants, and Emma, without lilies. 
                    * * *

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