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Sunday, January 8, 2012

SSS: New Year, New Story

After the enforced holiday for Christmas, I sort of skipped New Year's, too. Glad to be back! Here are the first six lines from a brand new, mysterious story. It's so new, it's still raw, so please be kind!

* * *

After months of searching, I followed my instinct to Manhattan. I didn’t find my twin sister Dulcy so much by her presence as by the void she created in the commotion surrounding her. On my second morning there, she was standing in the middle of the sidewalk on Fifth Avenue, surrounded by a wave of powerwalking natives and gawk-walking tourists and endless shouts to “Get out of the *ing way!” or to “Shove over!”
The cops in Boston had been singularly unhelpful and told me they were going to close the case. “It’s policy, ma’am. If we have no leads on a case for a certain amount of time, we have to move on,” said the stern leader. 

* * *
I apprecite all your comments sooooooo much! I will definitely visit you back! Happy 2012!