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Sunday, January 15, 2012

SSS: Six More from New Story

Halfway through January already! Thanks for the encouragement about this new story. Here are the next six sentences.

* * *

One earnest officer took me into confidence and whispered, “Pretty girls have been disappearing lately and we haven’t found any of them.”
“Am I at risk?” I had asked, figuring that if my identical twin had disappeared, I too would be the kidnapper’s type.
“No,” he said, too quickly. “You graduated from Harvard.”
Like most twentysomethings in Boston, I had more university degrees than life experience. “So?”

* * *

The missing twin's name, Dulcy, is short for Dulcinea, so I guess I don't have the monopoly on it, although I wish I did. These sentences look as though they're leading to a police drama, but the story is really going to be about what happens after they get Dulcy home. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving comments, remembering that this is unedited so far. I'll be sure to return the favor!

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